Tuesday, October 3, 2017

A book and an idea

I've recently read a fiction Portuguese book (by a Portuguese author) about several themes, including the Holocaust. An interesting detail I found was the mention of Auschwitz and how it got to be used and recognized as a city where so many awful things happened, namely the the concentration camp.
This book is divided into two main timelines. We have the past, where character Sarah Gross is growing and living through the Holocaust, and the present which is actually the 60s, when a new literature teacher is coming to a private college in the USA and there she meets Sarah Gross, the sort of director of the college.
At first it seems the two woman only have teaching in common but as the story develops we realize there's something else. I liked this story but the transitions between timelines and the characters' lives wasn't always very smooth, I'd say. The final connection between the two main characters is what makes the story come to its peak but I must say it was sad how things ended, mostly because we end up having the feeling it could have been better, happier maybe. I also felt it was rather quick, considering the time and pages it took to get us there.
Still, a very interesting book, for certain.
Grade: 7/10


I know we are quite away from Christmas yet but here's an idea most readers would certainly appreciate for the colder months!
If anyone wants to think about this, here's a chance to surprise a fellow reader!
I found several ideas here but this one seems to be the one I would prefer.
Happy reading!

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