Saturday, April 6, 2024

Mini - Comments

The following two books were not what I'd call a good read. I've managed to end both anyway, but while Adriana Locke's at least had some structure, Layla Silver's lacked any depth one can think of.

The Wolf's Nanny by Layla Silver is a story about a shapeshifter father with two children and the fact he needs to find a nanny for them, instead of simply taking his sister for granted. 
I thought this would be a fun shape shifter story, but I finished extremely disappointed, although considering the amount of series the author has written and how many books in average are in all of them, I should not be surprised. At least this was a novella sized story, thus why I managed to finish and the reason why the grade isn't even lower. 
Lydia goes to work for Trevor and the author apparently ignored any rule of plot development and only wrote what was necessary for this to have a beginning, a middle and an end. The characters were superficial and dull, behaved in ways that made no sense, plus there were sex scenes when they clearly had no real importance. The world lacked depth and the plot was thin and ridiculous. I won't try other things by the author.
Grade: 2/10 


Sway by Adriana Locke is a contemporary story featuring a rich, powerful mayor and the waitress he meets at one of the events he had to attend. Although the odds aren't in their favor, they still manage to find enough to like in one another and to want to try a relationship.
I found this to be a likable enough story, because of the premise, which is one I tend to like: couple coming from different class/social background. My problem with this book was simple, I didn't enjoy the way the male characters spoke about other people, namely women, even when some were villains or antagonists. This put me off right away from the story and as things progressed, the main couple's relationship development seemed realistic  - it takes them some time to want to start something - but it just wasn't captivating. I felt there was no chemistry between them, nor reason why they would want to be together except the continuous descriptions of physical attraction and one or two scenes where we were told they gazed at each other in a meaningful way. Alison has a child and part of the story also focus on this, but most of the plot is about them being from different worlds and his political campaign. I felt this story had a good base, but the execution just didn't convince me.
Grade: 4/10


  1. Yikes!

    These seem like authors to avoid; one churning dross, the other parroting misogyny.

    1. Unless I forget I didn't like their books for some reason, I'll probably won't try others by them.