Monday, November 8, 2010

Nora Roberts :)

Comment: I enjoyed these two novels much more than Bed of Roses. The heroines in these two are more real, more realistic. I think it's easier for the reader to identify oneself to them. The heroes were funny, interesting and although there's always a sense of rush in the romances, the stories didn't, opposite to Emma's. I'm not getting more blurbs as anyone can find them.
Savor the Moment was sweet and offered an interesting conflict, one I never find too repetitive in romance novels, the class difference. I think it could've been dealt differently, better, but it's nice to see.
Happy Ever After finally concludes the story, the romance was cute, but Parker seemed a bit cold sometimes, even tough in the end it was so beautiful to watch her in love.
Nora Roberts always deliver and in this case, once more. But she could invest more in conflicts, in explanations...I feel things are rushed. However, the stories are wonderful, they end happily and it's amazing the union between characters.

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