Friday, November 5, 2010

The Trap - Indigo Wren

Three years ago, David and his college roommate, Ethan, were on the brink of unimaginable success, ready to revolutionize an industry and reap billions. Then David accidentally revealed the attraction he’d never wanted to feel, and certainly never meant Ethan to see. Mortified, he ran from everything that mattered—the fledgling company he’d helped to build, the bright future he’d worked to secure, and the man he couldn’t let himself want.

Now he’s built a new life for himself. So what if it’s not the one he hoped for? He’s learned to look only forward, and not to envy the success Ethan achieved without him. He’s even learned to cope with the nightmares. The panic attacks. The failed relationships with women.

When an opportunity arises to enjoy a once-in-a-lifetime getaway to a private island resort, David never suspects a trap is about to be sprung. One where he’ll be forced to face the truths from which he’s been hiding—and the man from whom he’s never stopped running.

Comment: This is one of the most emotionally well writen books I've read.
Everything concerning feelings and attitudes is in place, explained, suited, paced and realistic even if the setting isn't that possible, but who cares, to me this book's value rests on its emotion.
David left Ethan 3 years before because he thought his feelings wouldn't be welcomed or even understood. So he ran.
Ethan never had the chance to see him and discuss things, so he sets up a trap to a resort and talking time has arrived.
While in the resort things hapen between them and they do talk, revealing things, important things. A lot of feelings are exposed and I think the writing here is brilliant, especially about David's fears and personality. There are people like him out there. Real people. I loved to see him deal with his problems and what happend.
Of course it has a HEA quite enjoyable!
Totally recommend it.

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