Saturday, January 29, 2011

Alexis Harrington - Allie's Moon

Althea Ford lives alone with her invalid sister in a crumbling Oregon farmhouse, burdened by sins of the past. Desperate for help, she reluctantly turns to Jefferson Hicks, an ex-lawman who has fallen as low as a man can. But here at Allie's farm, his silent, numb heart suddenly begins to beat again. Drawn to this woman who is as much a prisoner of the past as he, Jeff discovers the healing power of love. But to claim it, they must confront spiteful enemies determined to keep them apart forever.

Comment: Some time ago, I was looking for a different author when I stumbled on this one. I read some blurbs and went for opinions and decided to try this book.
This story is sweet and simple but strong main characters who win their fights and prove that love is the biggest thing out there. Rationally, I'd have a lot to say about this story... first, because I don't believe in such love, second because the conflict was too easy to overcome, but to be really honest that doesn't matter in most romantic books I read. I want them to have a ridiculously beautiful HEA and to make me smile and ease my RL problems.
It's amazing to think that soemone would actually abandon everything just to be right and be with that special person. Personally, I don't know if I would. I stick to conventions because...well, one has to stick to something. I'm not in love so I know that shadows my perspective but still a perfect love is too hard to find, so extra romaticism for this book to accomplish that. Perhaps things are too "cute" because this is an historical, but I liked it and that's enough.
The secondary characters offered the biggest conflict, especially the main female character's sister and it was very good to see that they just didn't make up so things could end well...people fight, they hurt and they get disappointed, so this story had an extra touch of trueness because they stayed mad with each other.
I recommend it.
I'd compare it with Catherine Anderson's novels, but if hers are usually perfect 10's for me, this would be a 6.5 if I were to grade and really compare them.

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