Thursday, January 27, 2011

Julie Garwood - Mercy

Attorney Theo Buchanan - brother of seasoned FBI agent Nick Buchanan, the hero of HEARTBREAKER - is in New Orleans to receive an award for his work with the Department of Justice. When he becomes unexpectedly ill at the gala, a beautiful stranger rushes him to the hospital and saves his life. The woman - a brilliant surgeon named Michelle Renard - intrigues Theo, but before he can learn more about her, she leaves New Orleans and returns to her small clinic in Louisiana. Theo seeks her out to thank her, but finds more than he bargained for. When he arrives in the little town of Bowen, he discovers that Michelle is being followed, her house has been broken into and her clinic destroyed. Theo is in a position to return the ultimate favour. Michelle saved his can he save hers?

Comment: The first book in the series (Heartbreaker) wasn't a winner with me. Everything seemed rushed, phony. I was quite reluctant to read more (I had read the 1st one a long time ago) but the constant good opinions by some people I trust convinced me to keep reading. And I liked it.
This book shows a better chemestry between the main characters, the plot isn't that special, I must confess...there are other authrs who can do a better job with the mistery and the thriller parts, but it was intriguing enough to entertain.
There are three of four scenes that I really loved seeing and the end is sweet and hopeful.
All in all a better read that what I'd expect and I'll read more in the future.

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