Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Sarah McKerrigan - Lady Danger

BORN TO THE BLADE... Raised to fear no man, Deirdre of Rivenloch never backs down from a clash of steel or a threat to her lands and family. But when she tricks Sir Pagan Cameliard into marrying her in order to save her younger sister, she's faced with a new kind of enemy: a husband who would turn her resistance into a fire that heats her blood...and who would use all his cunning to make her cry his name in ultimate abandon. For Pagan has made his own wedding vow. He will best his sword-wielding bride in the field by day and make her surrender in his arms by night. Her heart will be his...even if it means being conquered by hers.

Comment: This book surprised me because it was more fun and interesting than what I imagined. The heroine's resistance to the male character, to surrender, amazed me and in the end when she gives up it's not a defeat, it's a recognition of mutual feelings. I liked it a lot.
I also liked the book doesn't focus too much on either aspect: the romance or the plot. It has a good balance of the two things.

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