Thursday, January 6, 2011

Some Book Statistics

Just wanted to share some statistics from my reading year of 2010, even tough I've only started this blog back in October.

I've read 249 books last year. The month where I read the most was June (27 books) and where I read the least were February and November (15 books).
I've read an average of 20,75 books a month.

In 2010 I've spent 911,30€ in 146 books (1.193,85 dollars).
An average of 12, 16 books purchased monthly. The month where I spent the most was July (144,36€) and where I spent the least was March (1,88€ in an ebook).
Obviously, I haven't read half of the ones I bought, because my TBR list is huge.

Amazing what you can get when you list things.
Besides, it helps to keep things organized.

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