Thursday, February 3, 2011

Catherine Anderson - Here to Stay

Mandy Pajeck had a tough childhood. Now 28, she feels responsible for the accident that took her younger brother’s sight. But his complete reliance on her care is making them both miserable. When she meets handsome Zach Harrigan and his mini guide horse, she thinks she’s found the ticket to her brother’s happiness—and maybe her own.

Comment: This author is an auto-buy for me. Her books always deliver because I know what to expect. Some things are too good to be true, but if we can't find hapiness and happy stuff in books when our RL lives have so much problems, then what's the point?
Sometimes one just wants to relax and enjoy a story without drama and stress.
Catherine Anderson does it for me. Even the charcter's issues don't seem to close to me because everything else falls into place in such a perfect way that I can read the book and not br overwhelmed by the problems mentioned there.
I love it thet there's always a HEA, a good one.
Of course when an author has a series it is to be expected that some books aren't as good as others, or they won't impact the reader the same way. My favourite by her, so far, is My Sunshine. This Here to Stay doesn't come close, but still it's a great story and I liked how things (Mandy's fears and hopes) were dealt with. Zach grew up a lot since we heard about him in the first book where he appears. Plus the world of horses and Oregon ranches is so far away from my own reality that that is an extra plus for me in her books.
Can't wait for the next one already!!

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