Friday, February 4, 2011

Tory Temple - Keeping Karma

Alexander Myers and his twin sister Tabitha were born with the incredible ability to "hear" the thoughts of animals. Alex has managed to keep this a secret and has actually used it to his advantage for his job, working in an emergency animal care clinic and volunteering at the animal shelter. But when he meets Dylan Travers, a local animal control officer, it becomes harder and harder to keep his own secret. At the same time, he's worried about how Dylan will react if Alex shares his ability. What will happen when Dylan finally discovers what Alex can do?

Comment: Sweet. This is the adjective I use to describe in one word this novel by Tory Temple.
This wasn't the first book by the author that I've read so I was familiar to the writting style, but I was surprised to see such a sweet story.
Alex is a guy who understands what the animals are thinking. For a moment I thought what a cool power to have, but yes the headaches part isn't so funny. Still, Alex has managed to live pretty well and is, obviously, studying to work with animals. Dylan is somehow of a mystery. The reader doesn't get to know him that well, especially because everything happens from Alex's POV, even tough the book isn't in the 1st person. Dylan also works with animals, in a way, so, professionally, they match. Plus there's attraction between them which helps. I liked some scenes, like the breakfast one and all the scenes with Alex's pets. I have a cat, I wish sometimes I knew what he is thinking. Made me giggle, yes they did.

There's just two things that could've make this story better: first, more story! It's way too short, plus with this plot I'm sure more conflict would appear besides Alex's fear of telling Dylan about his power. Second, as the story is on the short side, perhaps a bit less sex scenes - not that those weren't hot and interetsing *grins* - but in the end there isn't a perfect balance between the sex scenes and the rest, which gives a rushed feeling to some point. However, this isn't that clear, perhaps it's more of a personal issue than something wrong with the book itself.

My favourite part of the story is the dialogue. I like it a lot, it's funny, believable, Alex is cute because he blushes after some innuendo talk and I can actually imagine him doing it.
Both Alex and Dylan have character. We don't see Dylan's POV as I've said, but we know he is a trustworthy person, as is Alex, through their actions. Not everyhting has to be said and the reader can see things the way one wants. I lked that, the suggestion without prejudice in the words.
I enjoyed the book a lot. Their relationship developps fast but smoothly, it doesn't seem stressful or anything.
All in all, a great read.
I think it was a good way to start the challenge.

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