Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Updating the challenge

So far, I've read 6 of my 30 desired books to be read and 4 months are now pratically gone.
Next month I'll be reading 3 more books, and perhaps if I manage it, a 4th one.
I think I'll be able to finish the challenge on time because I'll be going faster from now on.

In May, the 3 chosen letters are:
H, from Stephani Hecht
P, from S.A. Payne
Q, from Chris Quinton

The first one is a known author to me, but the other two wil be a surprise, let's see how it will go.
At this point, only one book wasn't that good to me and it was a short story, I'll try to keep with full lenght books from now on, hopefully it won't happen again, I'm pretty confident in the choices I'll make.

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