Saturday, May 14, 2011

Deborah Smith - The Crossroads Cafe

A beautiful woman, scarred for life.
A tortured man, seeking redemption.
Brought together by fate in a small town high in the majestic Appalachian mountains.
Live. Love. Believe.
Beauty is in the lie of the beholder.

Heartbroken and cynical, famed actress Cathryn Deen hides from the world after a horrific accident scars her for life.

Secluded in her grandmother's North Carolina mountain home, Cathryn at first resists the friendship of the local community and the famous biscuits served up by her loyal cousin, Delta, at The Crossroads Cafe, until a neighbor, former New York architect Thomas Mitternich, reaches out to her.

Thomas lost his wife and son in the World Trade Center. In the years since he's struggled with alcohol and despair. He thinks nothing and no one can make his life worth living again.

Until he meets Cathryn.

Comment: This book was great. The more stories by this author I read, the more I like her, because all her books have a deep characterization, strong characters, even when they're weak, and they end happily. I believe the author creates the perfect balance her books, the hard growing up the characters have to go through and the HEA that makes the reader hopeful.

Cathryn gets her face burned because of an accident, and before she was an acclaimed beautiful person, with an empire of beauty before her.
Thomas lost his family on the 9-11 and still suffers and mourns them, living with guilt everyday.
Stangely these two connect because of Crossroads cafe, owned by someone that links them and then..then it's a gorgeous voyage and very emotional.
The author talks about the price of fame, the paparazzi, the fact we can still mourn people but nevertheless there's a need to move on anyway. I think this books was very well written and it was well worthy of the price I've paid for it.

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