Monday, May 9, 2011

Filipe Faria - Vagas de Fogo

The armies of the Scourge have awakened at last, and now rage across the continent. The Citadel of the Blade has been leveled, Sirulia has been put to the sword, and birds of ill-omen now fly over Nolwyn, as Ul-Thoryn readies itself for war against Vaul-Syrith.

The companions are separated or lost, and largely bereft of hope. Unbeknownst to many, the sole hope resides within Aewyre Thoryn, but each and every one of the companions will have a role to play in the coming conflict, even if they can no longer count on the strength their unity provided them with. Chased by foes from their past, lost in unknown lands or surprised by enemies once thought of as allies, the group now faces the imminent immersion of Allaryia in the darkness that all had believed dispelled long ago. Seltor, its harbinger, has learned from his past mistakes, however, and his intentions no longer seem to be the same; or at least, appear not to be what Allaryia had learned to expect from him…

Comment: I've finished reading this portuguese book last night. It's the fifth installment in a fantasy series where the main characters - a group - travells in a mutual help and discovery trip but is faced with the fact the old enemy of the worls is returning from his deep sleep and now wants to get revenge on those who are against him. So far, the previous 4 books have shown us how the protagonists separated to pursue individual goals and how that shaped them into what their are now. In this 5th book, some of them are returning home to battle the enemy and others are still away but close to returning as well.

The author is young and has started a trend, the fantasy one, written in portuguese. I still think some things could be done differently but the reader thinks this about all books anyway.
The writting has certainly changed for better and the emotional side too. I was actually sad to read some things and I'm now curious to see some redemption, I mean, I hope I'll see it.
For more details, you can see the author's page on the side..he has the option to read in english.
In February the last book was published. I can't believe after so long...well, I hope it's the perfect conclusion though.

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