Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Jet Mykles - A Rose is a Rose

Carson’s quiet sobbing filled the early morning air. Heedless of the expensive red Chinese silk of his robe, he sat on the dusty floor of his balcony, back wedged against the stucco wall, shoulder against the sturdy wooden posts of the railing. Dawn had just broken over the roof of the apartments across the courtyard from his, washing his haven in weak golden light. Summer was on the wane, and fall had taken root, turning the leaves of some of the trees that shaded him from green to dusky brown. Hugging his folded legs, he rested his forehead on his knees and gave in to the misery that was his life.

“You better think hard, baby.” Anthony’s cruel tone echoed in his head. “You go on and see how far you get without me.”

Despite his anger, Carson knew the answer to that — he wouldn’t get very far without Anthony to support him. His job with the burlesque show would barely cover the rent on his apartment and utilities. He’d become far too accustomed to relying on Anthony for all the little extras like clothing, entertainment, and food. For a glorious six months, Anthony had taken care of him. He knew that. Silly him to think that since the man had done so thus far, he’d want to do so on a more permanent basis. He’d thought that moving in together and becoming a real couple was the next step.

Comment: I just finished reading this book. It's another good story by Jet Mykles, she never disappoints me, because she has rightfully won the title of good writer.
This story is set in the same liens of most of her books, one of the characters is more doubtful about his sexuality and the other one is fully confident on it. There's also the element of cross dressing and angst. I like how the author's character's go through an angsty stage and I like to see how they think about themselves while in that period. Nobody's perfect anywhere, so...
Carson is faced with troubles and also with an easy way to overcome them, but he chooses the harder path and it's both redeeming and romantic that he does so. Also, it feels so much better to earn one's things, isn't it?
I'm again pleased with a story by this author and can't wait to have more.

Plus, isn't the cover great..I have yet to see a cover by the duo Mykles/Nunn there isn't simply perfect.

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