Monday, May 2, 2011

Nora Roberts - Genuine Lies

EVE BENEDICT. The glamorous screen star is still beautiful, still tough--and still has a heart as big as the legend that surrounds her. But Eve is a woman of mystery, whose passionate affairs and tempestuous marriages have fueled gossip columns for decades. Now she is ready to reveal her secrets to one woman... but will opening herself to Julia Summers's scrutiny endanger the only person who will tell her truth ... her way?

JULIA SUMMERS. A renowned writer, as astonishingly lovely as she is private, Julia cares deeply for her young son--and not at all for a place in the spotlight. But no subject is as irresistible as the glorious Eve ... and no story more challenging to tell than the one nobody in Hollywood wants told. She cannot refuse the dream job Eve offers her... but can she be seduced into keeping the secrets she learns?

PAUL WINTHROP. Eve's stepson and the hottest novelist in a very hot town, Paul provokes a different kind of fantasy with his bronzed muscles and panther's grace. He has a stake in keeping Eve's image just as history has written it ... but will he sacrifice the woman he's always loved for a chance to write his own happy ending?

Comment: Nora Roberts is one of my favourite author like I said before. But my addiction to her work has gone and nowadays what's left is a curiosity and caring for what her books meant to me, so...
I was a bit worried about this book, the blurb wasn't that appealing to me, as I don't like the glamourous world of Hollywood that much in my books, but it was hers and I've talked to people who had read it and based on their opinions, I decided to try it.
I liked it a reminded me of my favourite fiction books by her, like Northern Lights and Carolina Moon, for instance.
With this one, we know it was written at the time, the signs are all there, but there's also NR's trademarks, the romance, the slowly revelead clues, the creation of every character's past...

The story was interesting, addicting and I would only change the fact we had some scenes from Eve's youth. I don't particular care when the book descibes several times in the character's lives like that. I don't like to jump from past to present and vice-versa. The mystery was well hidden and the truth surprised me at all levels.
I loved the relationship Paul was developping with Brandon, treating him like a son...the author is widely known for her tender descriptions between grown ups and children and she didn't disappoint in this one.

Reading this book made me eager to read more and I'm quite happy with Genuine Lies, so much, much better than Divine Evil, IMO.

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