Sunday, July 17, 2011

2 In 1: Going Twice

He was a mighty Scottish warrior who lived in a world bound by ancient laws and timeless magic. But no immortal powers could prepare the laird of Castle Brodie for the lovely accursed lass who stood before him. A terrible trick of fate had sent her 700 years back in time and into his private chamber to tempt him with her beauty--and seduce him with a desire he could never fulfill. For this woman he burned to possess was also the woman he had foresworn to destroy.
When Lisa felt the earth move under her feet, the fiercely independent 21st-century woman never dreamed she was falling...into another century. But the powerful, naked warrior who stood glaring down at her was only too real...and too dangerously arousing. Irresistibly handsome he might be, but Lisa had no intention of remaining in this savage land torn by treachery and war. How could she know that her seductive captor had other plans for her...plans that would save her from a tragic fate? Or that this man who had long ago forsaken love would defy time itself to claim her for his own....

Comment: Years ago I read the book before this one and I liked it. However, I started buying the following ones as translations, and only now I have them all, so this month starts the reading of the rest of this series.
This book was very romantic and a classic time-travel with lots of love and doubts and making peace and slow recongnition of true feelings. A seductive and addicting read. Who enjoys these types of books this one is a winner. In all the impossibilities I found the things happening having some kind of order and that made the book a good one to me. Nothing was too stupid to happen, even if it's all make-believe.
Like I said the romance was good and I liked seeing the beginnings of the legends and basis to the author's UF series as well.

Years ago, a young girl was beaten and raped while onlookers did nothing. Now those witnesses are becoming victims themselves...
Baltimore city Homicide Detective JD Fitzpatrick has seen a lot of horrific violence, both as a cop and during his deployment in Afghanistan, but nothing like the trail of tortured bodies turning up throughout the city. He's up against a brutal killer with a very personal vendetta, and JD is beginning to suspect that his medical examiner may be shielding some crucial evidence linked to the case.
Forensic pathologist Dr. Lucy Trask is intrigued by JD's compassion, but she isn't about to mix work with pleasure. Not while there's a ruthless killer on the loose. And definitely not while she's keeping a dark secret that could connect her to these vicious killings -- and put her next on the killer's hit list...

Comment: Another good suspense book by this author. I'm a fan of her work and I have all her books. I'll certainly keep reading. In this one I think we see the second most easy to understand villain (after the one in You Can't Hide) because the reasons why he does what he does are quite valid, he just chose a very bad way to see them honored. Like the song, I felt it "was a murder but not a crime". The romance was bold, interesting, different. Usually it's all very proper with this author but Lucy's and JD's love affair was quite refreshing. To bad we didn't find out JD's real name, or should I say, what his initials stand for. But the rest was almost perfect. This isn't my favourite of hers but it is very good.

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