Thursday, October 13, 2011

Deborah Smith - Miracle

SEBASTIEN DE SAVIN--A brilliant surgeon whose skill and arrogance were a volatile mixture. A dark secret in his past had hardened his heart to love, until a miracle entered his life.
AMY MIRACLE--A shy young girl with a summer job at the de Savin family vineyards, she was the last person Sebastien expected to break through his defenses, to make him laugh-and love. Escaping her past of poverty and abuse, she would create herself anew, blossoming because of the love Sebastien had nurtured.
SEBASTIEN AND AMY--A fluke threw them together. Real life tore them apart. Though they'd spent short weeks together, the memories of those precious hours sustained and haunted them both for years. Then came the day their paths would cross again...
MIRACLE is an unforgettable story of love and the collision of worlds, from a shanty in the Georgia hills to a television studio in L.A., from a prestigious Atlanta hospital to the heat and dust of Africa to glittering Paris nights. With warm, humorous, passionate characters, MIRACLE weaves a spell in which love may be improbable but never impossible.

Comment: This book tells us the story of Amy and Sebastien. She's poor and has a complicated life and he's rich and also has a complicated life. The fact that when they meet it's like destined recognition is one of the author's trademarks. When her protagonists meet, that's it. no matter what happens in their lives, each one belongs to the other one.
When they meet they're young and immature and make mistakes, are influenced and don't understand they should fight. But I guess it's part of growing up, we don't always make the better choices. Besides it takes them 10 years of separation to have other experiences, to meet other people and then finally reunite and see what's been there all along.
I think this book has a lot of drama, or it simply was shown in a different way, I'm not sure how to explain, in her other books the problems seemed to gain a life og their own and in this one there was a biger dose of drama but curiously, it affected me less, I think it's because I felt more detached from it? Anyway, there were a lot of sad things happening, especially in Sebastien's past and everything had to be worked out.
The lessons they both learned were really important to how they lived their new reality after the reunion. I like to think their HEA is full of hope, and will be always happy as it looked like.
I don't think this is the author's best work, it's not even my favourite but it's good and shows emotion, I still think she's a great storyteller.

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