Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Tess Gerritsen - Body Double

Boston medical examiner Dr. Maura Isles is shocked to discover that the murdered woman looks exactly like her. For Maura, an only child, a DNA test confirms the startling fact: the mysterious doppelganger is in fact her twin sister. Now an already bizarre homicide investigation becomes a disturbing excursion into a past full of dark secrets and twisted truths. It is a journey that leads Maura to the mother she never knew--an icy and cunning woman who gave Maura life . . . and who just might have a plan to take it away.

Comment: This 4th book in the series featuring Rizzoli and Isles is very good and has a killer I didn't see coming. It's quite interesting that the whole book presents strong characters and plot and things seem to move in a very misterious way and then, in the end we find out the reasons for most things are..simple. Mudane. It's very refreshing to see it, actually.
Maura Isles finds out she has a twin sister, as she was adopted. After knowing who her parents are, we can understand some of her fears concerning her personlity but there's also personal things happening to her and we want to see it happening, not just a possibility. I'm eager to see it it will be like I think it will, based on what happens from book to book.
Jane Rizzoli is pregnant and has a good husband but the past is still just a mamory away. I was told she will have a deeper presence in the next book, I can't wait to see more.
Thw teo main characters are strong women and the way they think while solving the cases and facing their personal obstacles is very intriguing, the author has done a very good work in their characterization. I'm very pleased to have known the series and to have yet some books to read.

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