Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Lora Leigh - Lawe's Justice

Mating heat gives him the Heebie Jeebies. It makes his stomach clench. It makes his teeth grind. Not because he wants to avoid it.
Sure as hell not because he's searching for it and can't find it. No, it's the woman he's sensed is his mate, the woman that makes him insane every time they cross paths. The one woman he knows he can never, ever tame. The mercenary sister of Jonas’ mate, Diane Broen. And he doesn’t mean mercenary in the monetary sense. Oh hell no, he couldn’t be that damned lucky. Diane is the commander of a small group of rough and ready male soldiers. A woman living on the edge, and threatening to pull him over with her.

Comment: The latest installment in the Breeds series.
We finally have the story of Lawe Justice, one of the most important enforcers in the breed world. His mate isn't someone he imagined his mate could be, because Diane is a fighter, she doesn't sit at home, she goes out there into the fighting to help and Lawe's instincts tell him she should be safe. But if he forbids her from being who she is, can she be happy like that?
I liked the book a lot, mainly because we have so many details concerning the breed's fight against the scientists who hurt so many of them in the past. We get to know more things about genetics and especially about key characters that might be able to help the breeds. It's all very interesting and I loved seeing so many character's interact in the story.
To be honest, the romance was the thing that interested me the least, not because it was bad, but mostly because it was a bit predictable, so I knew Lawe would eventually accept Diane the way she is. We also see some things about themselves, about those around them and what it means for them to accept their relationship, what it will mean to be a team.
The story also follows the storyline of Amber, Diane's niece. Amber is a baby who shows some breed's patterns, although she is only human. I'm very interested in seeing if Amber can be helped and part of fascination is that this would mean more characters showing up and being a deisive part of future books.
I can't wait for next one, this feels like a soap opera and the only bad part is to wait for so long for next "chapter".

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