Wednesday, February 22, 2012

V. B. Kildaire - Hidden Treasure

According to legend, five hundred years ago the country of Connmeera sent an exceptional gift to the country of Ormslea, but the ship was overtaken and the treasure lost. Now proof of the treasure has been found in the vast, daunting country of Jarvoct, and Connmeera and Ormslea mount a joint venture to recover the treasure. Ormslea sends Jaxom Archeron, the son of a noble family, an elite soldier known for his dedication to duty. But the Queen of Connmeera chooses Lord Dorian Pelias, a poor relation who could benefit even if the mission is unsuccessful.
While the two men at first have nothing in common, as they travel, Dorian’s intelligence, optimism, and kindness work their way past the wall of resolve Jaxom long ago constructed around his heart. When a Jarv prince attempts to enslave Dorian for his own purposes, Jaxom comes to his rescue, shaken by how much Dorian has come to mean to him. Recovering the treasure isn’t the only challenge they will face as they search for common ground and a life in disparate countries that may not be so pleased to welcome them home.

Comment: This book tells us the story of Jaxom and Dorian, two nobles from different countries that go together on a mission for their monarchs and while travelling face several a dventures and, obviously, a growing attraction.Jaxom has a family that only wants power but he's different and has honor as well as dedication. He accepts the mission to look for the missing treasure in order to accomplish something, and to get away from his family.
Dorian is the poor relative in the family, he's plain and others mock him behind his back. So, the queen orders him to the mission and thus helping him but not in a pitiful way.
Jaxom is complex, a bit cynical and doesn't look too happy with things, he's only doing his duty. Dorian, despite everything not so well in his life is still friendly, innocent and looks at things always with a bright smile. I couldn't wait to see them clash and react to each other.
The soty is very interesting because it's fantasy, which means many rules we would apply to usual books don't happen here and it's good to see things from a different perspective. the world created is based on a certain hierarchy but it has at the same time many freedom and distance from the usual fantasy stories, that makes it more appealing.
In terms of romance, I was very happy wit it, but I'd like to see some more....I don't know, perhaps more struggle before they embraced their feeling s for each other. Things taht look to easy usually are more boring than when there's some kind of confict, even if it's only internal. I don't mean to say they should despair over those feelings before admiting them, but perhaps a little bit more strenght in the "could we actually be togther" theme would have been nice.
I liked the story a lot, but the only real things I'd change it's the end, in my opinion it was too fast, I was hoping to see more feelings depicted int he end, perhaps even an I love you, which didn't happen, at least not in words.
All in all a great story, one I'd certainly re-read in the future...if I have the time...

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