Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Anne Bishop - Tangled Webs

The invitation was signed Jaenelle Angelline, and it summoned her family to an entertainment she had specially prepared. Surreal SaDiablo, former courtesan and assassin, arrives first. But when she enters the house, Surreal finds herelf trapped in a living nightmare created by the tangled webs of Black Widow witches ... and if she uses Craft to defend herself, she risks being sealed in the house forever.

But Jaenelle did not send the invitation. And now Jaenelle and her family must rescue Surreal and the others inside without becoming trapped themselves - and then discover who has created such a place, and why ...

Comment: This author has written some of my favorite books in the fantasy genre. People can label her books as they want but to me she writes pure fantasy. Her jewels stories are fantastic and I also liked her other trilogy about fae. I'll read eventually her other series but the fact is, her dark jewels trilogy and following novels about the Blood is what made her known.
Her best feature is the fact she mixes up so many scenes full of fantasy actions, imaginative powers and things and at the same time presents cozy scenes and family affairs. I loved it!

This is the 6th book in the world of the Blood. All the main characters are here and the reader is supposed to know what happened in the previous books. I won't be telling but in short order, very bad queens wanted to control the minds of men and the world but Jaenelle Angeline was born and with her the greatest power that existed and she managed to destroy the evil in the world. Of course, with that, many sacrifices were made but still the world is a better one now. Another note to say, the darker the jewel people have, the bigger the power.

So, this book. Surreal is part of the family that is the key presence in the books. She, like many members of the family, receive an invitation from queen Jaenelle to an horror house, meant to be a funny place for those who don't have magic (therefore, simply humans) but when she arrives there with her escort no one else is there, except a group of children from the orphanage close by. Surreal and Rainier - the escort - enter the house with some of those children and they realize they must play the game without using magic otherwise they won't be able to leave..alive. To make matters worse, the children aren't Blood so they don't have any defense against the evil things inside and it's up to Surreal and Rainier to help them. But the game is dangerous and minute after minute it becomes a game to just be alive until the end.
In the meantime, Jaenelle gets the news someone is trapped inside a house like the one she designed and goes there to help, along with her husband, Daemon and Lucivar, his brother.
The run against time to help the ones inside and to find out who was responsible for Surreal's imprisonment and also the whole plan because it's clear the invitation wasn't for Surreal alone...

I really like to return to a world I know I've spent some good time in. When I read the other books in the world I was transported to a different time and place, but with so many known emotions that it's like seeing a friend after a to explain how it feels to read about familiar characters and their lives? How to show how much I enjoyed every page? I'm sure anyone has that feeling about a certain world or book. In this one, we get another adventure with all those characters and we see a bit of where they are emotional and physically. It's really like seeing an old friend. the writing also allows the reader to feel that way, so good for the author to have put things in such a way.
In the end we saw family members helping others and making sure they were ok, which is such a great topic, even if it wasn't in a fantasy book.To be honest, in terms of character development nothing major happens, but this eels like home and for that only, fans of the books should read it, and those who don't know the world, they are truly missing something extraordinary.
This is a world I recommend without a doubt.

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