Sunday, August 12, 2012

Constance O'Day-Flannery - This Time, Forever

Insurrectionist Meggie Billbride had a premonition something would go wrong when she planted the bomb at the mining company offices. Still, the hot-tempered revolutionary refused to back out of her mission . . . and when the dynamite exploded she was certain she was sailing toward the pearly gates. Instead, she discovered she was in a flying machine of the future and seated next to the most handsome mortal she'd ever seen! And as Meggie met his kind emerald gaze and sought his confidence and comfort, the disoriented beauty's terror of her predicament was soon replaced by flaming hot passion!
Fantastically rich Thomas Carter was about to complain about his first-class privacy being disturbed, but when he saw the oddly-dressed goddess beside him, his outrage turned into curiosity. Her slight Irish accent, her quaint hairstyle, and her fresh bright attitude intrigued him much more than all the modern worldly women who had been his usual female fare. The worldy tycoon wasn't satisfied with imagining what lay beneath the high-necked dress. He swore to pursue her relentlessly until he had won her, for now and for always!

Comment: This was the remaining book I had to read by this author. I liked it. I mean...comparing it to all the others, I can't say it's my favorite (that would be the 1st or the 2nd I've read) but it did bring an interesting story to me.

Just a little note...interesting how some things change...when I started reading these books I loved them and my liking them diminished the more I read...I wonder if it was all me or if the books themselves got worse? One year we love something, the other we might not? Why do you think our taste changes like this? I like to think it's because the characters and their adventures stop having the same meaning, but then, some books have the same flavor even after so long and I like them as much, so...even if I change, doesn't the story's tone? In the end I guess it's the matter of some books just not being good for me as a reader, unfortunally.

Ok, back to the book...
The protagonists are in different times and both travel back and forth to solve the plot's issues.
Meggie comes from the 19th century and Thomas lives in 1990. She's poor and fighting for better conditions to her family while being the target of scorn because of her past, very harsh on women at the time. Thomas is rich and divorced and doesn't want complications in his life.
Meggie travels in time first and lands in an airplane next to Thomas. he helps her when she can't help herself in a different time and they start a relationship although not without the expected trials in the middle. In the end of the book, something unexpected happens but of course, here's a happy end.

This book wasn't so bad, even with all the usual clichés in these type of books. The characters grew and learned their lessons while falling in love. This part was good to read and I actually had several moments during the book where I just had to keep reading. What annoyed me a bit was the descriptions of certain things, nothing in particular, but the overall feeling of the book, it's very obvious it was written, any years ago. This wouldn't bother me that much if the action took place in the past but it didn't. Like I said, it went back and forth and when I guess I'd have preferred if it would stick to one instead. Which one doesn't really matter but I suppose in terms of plot in the present would suit better.
The end wasn't what I imagined so I guess it wasn't as predictable as I thought it might be. I can't say it was a bad end, just...unfair in a certain kind of way. Everything ended with an obvious HEA but I don't think it was the best think to be done because one of the characters seemed to have a very hard path and although it isn't that unavoidable I still thought it was a bit over the top considering the tone of the book. Still, it didn't ruin the book, it just made me not want to read the end again.

This ended up not being such a bad book but it didn't come close to the ones I liked the best. Perhaps one day I'll try one or two of the ones I didn't read and let's see what I'd say then.

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