Tuesday, September 18, 2012

New face

Today is my birthday. I've had this blog for almost two years (next month) and in all this time I didn't change anything but as a bit of a celebration induced moment I've decided to give this present to myself and changed the blog a bit...
Still, what an endeavor...believe it or not, it took me the whole afternoon because stupid Internet connection kept ruining everything.
Oh well, I hope who visits enjoys. Kisses :)


  1. Happy birthday, S.!! And wow, two years already?!

    Like the look so far :) Very streamlined :)

  2. Hello Nath thank you!
    Yes, two years already... I thought I'd be bored just three months later and now...

    I'm just so mad with internet, arghhh it doesn't show me the correct fonts, which took me ages to save because internet would disconnect all the time...tell me, when you see the main page, can you see all the different pages on top? Because I can't, oh well.

    Once again, thank you for stopping by.

  3. Aww Sonia! Happy belated birthday, and a Happy Blogiversary to YOU!!! I'm sorry I missed it! (I've been sick)

    Also, I'm really loving the changes you made to the blog. It looks great!

  4. Hello Hilcia!
    Thank you!!

    I hope you're feeling better :)

  5. Oops I'm siorry I'm late, happy birthday! I hope you had a great day!

    I'm enjoying the blog's new look ;-)

  6. Thanks!!
    I like the blog's new "dress" too, although internet ruins everything and doesn't have a strong signal so some fonts don't show up like I wanted them to... and I don't like the new interface, yack.