Wednesday, September 19, 2012

SA Payne - Visions and Shadows

Teagan Walsh's health has always been fragile so he's turned his life and world to one more solitary, more within his reach. It's the ideal of an Ireland free of English rule and the harsh penal laws that spurs him onward, plotting rebellion has become something of a family hobby. Until he meets Daniel O'Raian, a man of few words and many thoughts. The stubborn man's very presence forces Teagan to see the world about him as it really is, not just how he wishes to dream it into being! For Daniel, the ill man offers him something he hasn't found in far too long, acceptance and maybe even love.

Comment: This was the second story I've read by the author. I've had it for a long time but, as usual, I always take some time before getting to many of my books.

Anyway, this is a story set in Ireland with an historical flavor. It's the story of Taegan, a young man whose health hasn't been good since he was a boy and doctors even told him he wouldn't live long. Since he wasn't able to have stressful activities with fear of tiring himself too much, he dedicated his life to help his uncle in writing panflets about the idea of a free Ireland. However, after his father died he's lived alone and now his uncle arranged for another man to go to Taegan's farm and help him with the more difficult chores.
Daniel O' Raian is that man, younger than Taegen, but with a much more harsh life, his family died and he works as a farm hand and an enforcer for Taegan's uncle because he's a wealthy man in the region and also because he's involved in the liberalization struggles.
The two man will slowly going to know each other better and in the middle of attraction and feelings, both will see their value is so much worthy than what each one imagines and what one needs the other is there to offer without a price.

This is a gay themed novel, so most of the story is centered in the guys' relationship and how they start seeing each other for what they really are. I found that part both sweet and strong because it was obvious each one were more focused on what they perceived were their flaws. With the other, the better parts of them would be highlighted and that was great to watch.
I think the book didn't have to be so long, but it wasn't a hardship to keep reading. Everything would be logical and easy to read. It was so cute to watch the guys fall in love and to work out their issues with a certain sense of logic. I mean, it wasn't too sudden or too stupid, their reasons were valid and human and it takes time for people to work out their thoughts and decisions, so in that part it was done well.
As a matter of fact I was enjoying the book a lot until a choice had to be made. Right away I imagined one of them would have to give up their side to be happy with the other, but I wasn't to concerned because at this point it was clear they loved each other, so any of the two choices would be easily accepted and they could have an HEA like they deserved.
Then something happened. I won't tell, but I guess it's not very hard to guess if I say this book has a bittersweet end. Actually it made me sad because I didn't see it coming. I really thought their decision would be how the book would end. It still makes thoughtful when I remember how it ended because it felt like everything would work out in a certain way...

I still enjoyed the story because it has several elements, mostly in the romance aspects, that were wonderful to read, but the end...kind of puts a stop to it. It's still worth reading but be prepared.

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