Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Sherrilyn Kenyon - Time Untime

The Mayans aren’t the only ones with a 2012 prophecy…
Long before recorded history, there was a Keetoowah warrior so feared that everyone trembled before his wrath. Only a brutal betrayal by the one closest to him could defeat him. But not even death was the end of a man so strong.
The Time Untime approaches…
Kateri Avani has been plagued her entire life with dreams she doesn’t understand. Images of places she’s never been and of a man she’s never seen. Her quest for answers has driven her to Las Vegas where she hopes to finally silence the demons in her mind.
What she never anticipates is coming face to face with the warrior who has haunted her her entire life. One who belongs to a world the scientist in her refuses to believe is real.
Ren Waya came back from the dead to keep the prophecy he began from coming true and ending the world. For thousands of years, he has fought the same evil that once possessed him. But now that evil has found the one person he can’t fight. The one person who, against his will, holds the most sacred part of him.
His heart.
But if he doesn’t kill Kateri, the deadliest of evils will reemerge and destroy everyone else on the planet. It was a sacrifice he made once.
Will he be able to make it again?

Comment: This is one the series I have updated. Since I've read the first book I was in love with the characters and the world the author created because she has imagination to write a compelling story and to present an end that makes the reader believe in the happy-ever-after.
However, a good author also has to come up with some sort of closure to a story and if it's a series even if allowing things to keep developing, thus providing a long life to it, there are things that should be solved at some point, because otherwise everything would just drag around and always be...murky. This is my issue with the series like I've said before. I think several subplots aren't being solved soon enough and then others are inserted in there and I feel very confused, as I'm sure many other fans do.
Still, I don't give up because those characters are there and I want to know what happened to them. A friend said about this that, at some point a reader should just consider seriously if the books are being read by enjoyment or duty and if it's the second, why should we? I have to confess this subject isn't completely black and white for me and in the meantime I'll keep reading these. But it's a thoughtful issue, the lifelong continuation of a series...

So about the book. I liked it and it provided an entertaining tale but to be honest it doesn't have the same sense as the first ones did. Actually the last 4 or 5 books didn't feel the same in terms of story development and writing skills. It's like the author keeps saying the same things...I don't know. But I was curious and was happy for the characters when they accomplished something. the storyline follows the same plot we've got used to before and it did show some older characters that I loved seeing.
The best thing about these long series is to see beloved characters and sometimes we only get a scene here and there or a tidbit but it's enough for the reader to know everything is till the best for them it it's great. The same thing happens here, a small scene with a character form one of the first books showed me his happy and it was one of my favorite parts in the whole book.
The romance was too fast, but this happens all the time, or at least now it feels like it to me, despite being the same in all books...but I feel the writing changed so, it's like it shows more in this part. Still, I was glad for their happiness.
Another scene in there made my day because it makes me hopeful about two characters that didn't stand each other lately and it makes me curious to see when they will be fine again but obviously it would take very long, but just the idea of it is a good clue to eager fans.
Overall, it wasn't the best or the worst for me. But it's definitely not the way things were when the series begun and part of me feels a bit sad over it even though it's natural at this point, being this the 23rd book.
Let's hope the next one rocks!


  1. I absolutely agree with you! At some point, there needs to be closure... especially if you keep switching characters. What I don't like is Ms Kenyon keeps baiting us with her characters and some never get their own books! Instead, they are even more new character introduced, ugh. That's why I gave up on this series. But I understand how difficult it is when you've invested yourself.

  2. I think she letting her imagination ruling the show and she's forgetting how long it takes for her to write the book and for it to arrive in out many years until she finishes? She said so many characters have to get a book, she's writing this since 2002, come on....