Monday, October 1, 2012

GA Hauser - Two In, Two out

Blake Hughes was comfortable being in the closet, especially at work while surrounded by macho firemen. A paramedic, still single at thirty, Blake kept his private life just that, private.
Hunter Rasmussen transferred to LAFD from San Diego. Twenty-six, powerful and fit, the handsome blue-eyed brunette just wanted to leave the past behind. No one had to know what he went through down south. And he didn't need history to repeat itself. Being ‘out’ was not a good career move for all jobs, and particularly not with the fire service.
When Hunter and Blake were assigned to the same shift pattern, they quickly became best friends. Partnered up on calls, hanging out together on days off, Hunter enjoyed Blake’s company and Blake his. Until something, or someone, from Hunter’s ugly past caused him problems.In the fire department, men rely on each other for their lives. Two go into a burning building, and two stay out to serve as their rescue team in case of emergency. 
Blake and Hunter were two men deeply in the closet. And only with devotion and love would their secret lives come ‘out’. And Hunter and Blake find that courage in a very unusual place. Two devoted LAPD cops help show them the way.
Two in…two out…it helps when someone is there to throw you a lifeline.

Comment: This is the second book in the heroes series by the author. This time it's about a team of firefighters that have been working together for quite a long time and have treated each other with some banter and teasing about never told the other how much attracted they were.

Blake doesn't want to come out because he fears this would change his parents and friends' opinion of himself, especially considering he's a well liked person and professional. However, he's very attracted to his partner and their teasing seems just playful banter.
Hunter thinks Blake is the perfect man and he likes nothing better than to spend time with him. He's had a bad experience in the past because of coming out and he doesn't want to be in the same position as before, even more so because one of the people who knew the truth about him is working in the same station too.

The two guys are friends and feel attraction to the other. I think the development of their relationship was more believable because of this, they've know each other since they started working together, they trust each other in the line of duty and they see each other outside work, where they keep a solid friendship.
Each one has a different take on life, although it comes to a point where they can't hide their feelings anymore and they start an intimate relationship. It kind of changes things between them because it gets harder to put it aside when they are with other people and to pretend the other doesn't matter as much. One thing though, the author is master of writing about sexual tension, it builds and builds and the reader really wants the guys to admit what they feel and to see them giving in to their emotions.
There's one character that provides the moral opposition, let's say so, and he makes threats and his presence makes Hunter uncomfortable. Then something happens and Blake decides to play a prank on their homophobic colleague but when he realizes this, he takes a decision that will make everyone else in their station to be more truthful. I don't know how truthful this might be in real life or if someone would react like this, but I guess there's people for any kind of reactions, so I don't really find it too weird.
The end was full of pink hearts...ha ha well, it was sugary for sure, a bit too much, suddenly everyone accepted them and others and everything was alright.
I don't know if the end was shortened, rushed or just wanted to provide happy thoughts, but I was left a bit doubtful about its realism.
Anyway, it was a entertaining story, I lied reading it and sometimes all you need is a happy ending and this one gives that, totally.

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