Monday, October 1, 2012

J. K. Beck - When Passion Lies

Tiberius is a vampire dedicated to protecting his kind -- and the secrets of the shadow world. Now, as his quest to become head of the Alliance draws within reach, a shattering new threat puts him to the ultimate test. It's a nightmare of grim proportions: a dark plot to bring about the mass extermination of human and shadow alike. And it forces Tiberius to turn to the woman he loved and lost, the lover he still desires but doesn't trust.
Caris was Tiberius's mate for centuries -- until a fateful mission changed her forever. Her tortured secrets drove her into the arms of his rival, but desperation has brought her back. As a horrifying new weapon of mass destruction is about to be unleashed, Tiberius and Caris harness the power of their immortal and passionate love. But will it be enough to battle devastating odds and a ruthless enemy with the ambition to destroy them all?

Comment: Another series to update.
I've read the first three books a long time ago and now that the latest three are all out, I've decided to get them over with.
This 4th book in the Shadow Keepers series is the story of vampires Tiberius and Caris, two characters we're familiar with. These two have an history together but separated and Caris is now considered a traitor to vampires because she went to live with the werewolves king, Gunnolf.

Caris is a young woman, er....she's a vampire and always wanted to participate in fights but when she was with Tiberius he was very protective of her and didn't like to see her take risks.
Tiberius is one of the most important vampires in the world and has seen many things, He and Caris were a couple for a long time but despite them being apart, he never stopped loving her.

Unfortunately, I don't have many good things to say about this book. Actually only two things intrigued me in this book and apparently neither will be dealt with so soon.
I didn't like this book, it was boring and I just wanted to finish it so I could get over it. The main problem was the fact this is a lovers reunited themed story. My worst nightmare in what book plots is concerned, and this wasn't the exception to my rule. Both characters spent a lot of time picturing how things were, what they did, what they meant foe each other, they remembered their actions and decisions, a room would invoke a memory, a place would suggest emotions from past times and so on and on. Boring. So very annoying for me, I mean it. I think if an author were to write this plot but would give more focus to what they are now instead of what they thought they were, then maybe I could be happier seeing how the two people would discover themselves again, thus discovering what they are together too but this wasn't the case. I found out that the reasons behind they break up, despite valid and believable considering the genre, weren't that special to me. I wasn't sad over them or what thy went through...I guess there wasn't that much emotion to justify their actions.
In this case, I think it was the author's problem, because the way  see it, she could've written differently, could've given some kind of highlight to other points instead of the ones she chose, among other things. I don't know, foe m there are several things that could've been done differently.
Then the story itself wasn't that amazing It was also quite static and I wasn't that curious to find out more or to see it solved.
The two things that intrigued me were two new characters. One f them ended up dead, so I guess no hopes there. The other shows some promise to be an interesting protagonist, I wish the author can see it too and one day his book might be (hopefully) published.
In the end, I was very disappointed and bored with the book and when I've read the last page I said to myself, "finally".

I have two more books to read, with characters I liked in previous books and apparently - according to blurbs - none of them knew about their future mate. Yay. At least a whole new bunch of situations can be created and even if the books aren't good, at least they won't annoy my personal dislikes so much.

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