Monday, November 19, 2012

Christina Dodd - Storm of Shadows

When the world was young, twins were born. One brought light to a dark world; the other, darkness and danger. They gathered others around them, men and women destined to use their powerful gifts for good or evil. Today, their descendants walk the earth as the Chosen, and the ultimate battle has begun.
Brilliant but proper and predictable, Rosamund Hill has lived her life buried in universities and libraries, discounting the legend of the Chosen as a myth. Until Aaron Eagle shows up at her door. Aaron both unsettles and enthralls her. But she can't resist his offers of clandestine visits to private museums, the hunt for a mysterious prophecy. or a makeover that unleashes her untamed soul. With the promise of a love that will defy fate itself, Rosamund is forced to confront the truth about the Chosen...and the dangerous man who sweeps her into a world of dark secrets.

Comment: Tis was the last book by this author I had yet to read. It's the second book in the series Chosen Ones, about a group pf people with special abilities trying to defeat an enemy.

This is the story of Aaron and Rosamund, they join forces to look for a prophecy related to the Chosen Ones and their destiny and that will take them to several places around the world.
Aaron is a Chosen One and he prefers to be alone. When he meets Rosamund he only sees a distracted researcher but after spending more and more time with her he starts seeing her for who she is and underneath a plain face is a stunning person.
Rosamund isn't the most outgoing woman, she prefers her research, her work and she doesn't know how appealing she looks to others, but Aaron is different and she wants him to see her as a woman and not only someone who can help him.

I've read the fist book in this series a long time ago, I don't even remember when. I also didn't remember much about the first book or the concept of the series. But once I started reading some things came to mind, although there was more I didn't remember than what I did.
This second book gives some clues about what happened which can be a good thing for random readers like me. I didn't feel the information given was too much or badly done, so in that alone the book could be a winner.
The story developed well, in my opinion. There was a slow pace that suited the things happening and nothing happened in a confusing or  stupid way, it made the sense how each step was taken and how the characters would go from one point to the other.
I liked the main characters and how they reacted to each other. I felt this book was successful in creating the right amount of sexual tension before they had sex, which makes the story feel bigger, like more time has passed since the couple first met until they become intimate.
Aaron was brooding but I liked his personality, he is clearly an alpha type but he had a good relationship with the other male members of the team and he wasn't overbearing although his tendency to be possessive appeared when he realized he cared for Rosamund. But this was to be expected. 
Rosamund was my favorite character. She is shy, distracted and doesn't pay much attention to herself or to the beauty of others, she is more focused on things, objects and papers. She starts feeling attracted to Aaron but she doesn't think he might reciprocate so she doesn't act silly or in a way opposite her personality. And this was my favorite thing ever in this book. She likes the guy, she knows he might not feel the same and she deals with it like any sane woman would, and doesn't attack him or falls like a moron to his feet in a puddle of need but shows she likes him too when the chance arises for them to act. What I mean is, she thinks, she acts more like a normal person instead of a stupid needy, woman. I loved to read a book where the heroine is shy, not the most beautiful person in the world and she doesn't change her way of being just because a handsome guy is around. Yay.
This said, it's obvious I enjoyed the book. The story ended in a positive way, they got their HEA and plans to keep their work as a team. the secondary characters played an important role and I liked how they all participated in the book.

I don't know if I'll read the rest of the series. I don't have the following books and I have other priorities right now. Perhaps one day I'll get back to it. At this point I don't think so, but this book was, indeed, an enjoyable one and well developed for me.

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