Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Jet Mykles - Indigo Knights 2: Champion

Danny Champion is ready to be a rockstar. He’s been preparing for this most of his life. He’ll finally make it with the Knights. He knows it.
It’s a horrible time to fall in love.
But then there’s Cash, Danny’s roommate. A quiet computer nerd without a clue about the music business, Cash can barely understand the world Danny’s so eager to live in. 
He certainly doesn’t want to share it.
Even though he knows he shouldn’t, Danny’s unable to resist introducing Cash to the wonders of sex. He didn’t expect to get addicted to Cash’s charms.

Comment: This is the second book in the Indigo Knights series by Jet Mykles. It's a series about a band, similar to Heaven Sent, but obviously with different characters.

Danny is ready to be a rock star and together with his band mates, they will start playing in clubs and give concerts to launch their career. Danny has been living with his roommate Cash and has developed a strong attraction for him. 
Cash is very focused on his computers and to finish his studies before starting a job waiting for him. He never thought about Danny as a potential boyfriend but after a kiss, he can't stop thinking about it and when things heat up between them, choices have to be made...

I liked this book a lot. Usually all the books by this author are great reads. Like in the majority of her books, this one also has the gay-for-you theme. Cash never thought about himself as being gay or any other label, but after a kiss and considering the time he has known Danny, he starts thinking there's no harm in trying and they end up enjoying each other and feelings start to show up too. I think the author does this quite well, because although it can be a little bit doubtful a hetero man could suddenly be ok with changing his mind about his sexuality I always see a bit more of bisexuality in the heroes in her novels and it doesn't disturb me. I always look for the romance side of things and in that aspect I always enjoy the storyline. So Cash has all the right to do what he wants, like any real person.
Danny is ready to have a solid career with his band mates but falling in love could be tricky because a new career means to travel most times and to be away from home and he feels that if he started a relationship now it would be troublesome both ways, it could put a stress on his feelings and be hard on his career to be focused on something else. His troubles seemed real and I liked how the author has inserted a certain serious tone in this. Both main characters are well portrayed and both his doubts play a strong part in the book and are well explored too.
Of course, love conquers all and the lesson they learned is that it's best to be together and deal with it than apart and miserable. I liked the romance and how they looked so cute together.
We see many beloved characters, which is amazing and we also have a tidbit about the couple in Lance's book, which I don't know when will be out of if it will be next. Anyway, I'll be eagerly waiting for it, as it is.
I recommend this one to anyone. It's tender, sweet, serious and fun.

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